Mr tweedy

Willard Tweedy is the (former) secondary antagonist of Chicken Run. He is Mrs. Tweedy's ex-husband and former henchman. He is voiced by Tony Haygarth.

Mr. Tweedy helps her run the farm and is often sent to check on the chickens. He suspects the chickens are planning to escape the farm, but Mrs. Tweedy refuses to believe it, calling him stupid and insane.


In Chicken RunEdit

Mr Tweedy married his wife while beginning his career as a poultry farmer then his chickens grew and layed more eggs until it was a bell call day when the Tweedy's count all the eggs layed per week and Edwina got killed because she didn't lay enough eggs and was helping Ginger and the other chickens escape.


Mr. Tweedy always obeyed Mrs. Tweedy's orders, no matter how unreasonable or foolish they may seem.

He kind of acts like a good guy as he is afraid of Mrs. Tweedy.