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Mrs. "Melisha" Tweedy is the main antagonist in Chicken Run. She is an exceptionally cruel farmer that will stop at nothing to make money by killing the chickens and making them into pies, running a "farm" that is more akin to a death-camp.


Mrs. Tweedy is a tall, lanky middle-aged woman with a pale skin-tone. Her eyes appear half-lidded; giving off a menacing look, while also wearing powder-blue eye shadow. She has long, dark brunette hair pulled back into a tight bun at the top of her head

She wears a long, vintage maroon-coloured dress patterned with white dots, with a small black brooch on her collar. Her dress sleeves are rolled up to her elbow. She is seen with black muck boots most of the time.


Chicken Run

Mrs. and Mr. Tweedy take Ginger and they try to kill her in their chicken pie machine, but Rocky rescues her and clogs the gravy sprayer, almost destroying the machine. Tweedy is busy fixing the machine while the chickens try to build their own "old crate," or airplane.

When the chickens attempt to use the crate to fly out, Mrs. Tweedy tries to stop them with her axe. But Rocky's trike knocks her unconscious accidentally throwing the axe in the air. Mrs. Tweedy sits partially up and sees the axe land right next to her neck, she then passed out again.

Mrs. Tweedy then woke up and went in pursuit, wielding her axe as the chickens were flying in their crate. Ginger tricks Mrs. Tweedy into cutting the rope with her axe, allowing for the chickens to escape. Unfortunately for Mrs. Tweedy, she falls directly into the pie machine's safety valve, and the resulting explosion destroys the pie machine (along with most of the building). At that rate, Mr. Tweedy berates Mrs. Tweedy for not listening to his warning that the chickens were organised in the first place. This only enrages Mrs. Tweedy, but before she can lash out, Mr. Tweedy pushes the door down on her, having finally had enough, she died as a result and it is unknown if Mr. Tweedy was arrested or not.


Mrs. Tweedy is a selfish, cruel, cold-hearted woman who only uses the chickens to get money, which she and her husband are very low on. She is always looking for a chance to bully Mr. Tweedy and the chickens, and despite her evilness, she is also business-smart as she came up with the idea of buying the Pie Machine. She can also show impatience with her husband, shown when she is contemplating buying the Pie Machine, and when the Pie Machine is broken. She is also shown to be a very tough woman who takes sadistic pleasure out of killing chickens- when she is looking at Edwina at roll call she bears an evil smirk on her face; a face similarly seen when Ginger is going into the Pie Machine. Her toughness is especially shown through how violently she handles her axe.


Mr. Tweedy

Mrs. Tweedy is married to Mr. Tweedy, but in a not-so happy manner. She is both physically and emotionally abusive to him, constantly belittling him for her own needs. Due to Mr. Tweedy's passive, submissive nature, this makes him an easy target for Mrs. Tweedy to manipulate him into doing whatever she wants; such as forcing him to build the pie machine when clearly he was against the idea. Whenever Mr. Tweedy even tries to stand up for himself he is immediately put down, making Mrs. Tweedy rule the entire farm with an iron fist. However, when the pie machine blows up and the chickens escape in an airplane, Mr. Tweedy calls her out for not thinking the chickens were organized, when they clearly were. She gets completely enraged with him, but Mr. Tweedy wasn't willing to let her lash out at him again, so he pushes the barn door on top of her, killing her.


  • Mrs. Tweedy's first name is possibly a pun on the words "militia" or "malicious".
  • For a while, the filmmakers considered the idea of having Mrs. Tweedy be the one attacked and tied up by the chickens in the climax.
  • It is unknown whether the barn door that Mr. Tweedy pushed on top of her truly killed her or not, as she was able to withstand the massive explosion of the pie machine.
  • Miranda Richardson, Mrs. Tweedy's voice actress, appears in the Harry Potter film franchise as the character "Rita Skeeter".
  • The gaunt, sharp angles of the farmhouse were meant to reflect Mrs. Tweedy's menace.
  • When Mrs. Tweedy measures Babs for the pie machine, she was on elevated rigging, so she would appear to tower over the assembled chickens. She was given different walks to intimidate them.
  • Mrs. Tweedy is the tallest character in Chicken Run.
  • Glenn Close, Cathy Moriarty, Debbie Harry, Kathleen Turner and Sybil Danning were all considered to voice Mrs. Tweedy before Miranda Richardson was cast.



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