Mrs. Melisha Tweedy Edit

Mrs. Melisha Tweedy is the main antagonist of Chicken Run. She is an exceptionally cruel farmer that will stop at nothing to make money by killing the chickens and making them into pies, running a "farm" that is more akin to a death-camp than anything even remotely resembling what could be considered an acceptable place for livestock (even those bred for consumption). Her husband Mr. Tweedy is (rightfully) convinced that the chickens are planning to escape, which she refuses to believe. She is voiced by Miranda Richardson.


In Chicken RunEdit

Mrs. and Mr. Tweedy take Ginger and they try to kill her in their chicken pie machine, but Rocky rescues her and clogs the gravy sprayer, almost destroying the machine. Tweedy is busy fixing the machine while the chickens try to biuld their own "old crate," or airplane.

When the chickens attempt to use the airplane to fly out, Mrs. Tweedy tries to stop them with her axe. But Rocky's trike knocks her unconscious accidentally throwing the axe in the air. Mrs. Tweedy sits partially up and sees the axe land right next to her neck, she then passed out again.

Mrs. Tweedy then woke up and went in pursuit, wielding her axe as the chickens were flying in their hen-house airplane. Ginger tricks Mrs. Tweedy into cutting the rope with her axe, and she landed onto the top of the pie machine, which caused it to explode because the gravy presure was too high. At that rate, Mr. Tweedy berates Mrs. Tweedy for not coming to the fact that the chickens are organized in the first place. This only enrages Mrs. Tweedy, wanting to lash out, but having enough, Mr. Tweedy pushes the door down on her. It is unknown if she survived (since she was resistant enough for the explosion).

Mrs. Tweedy PersonalityEdit

Mrs Tweedy is a selfish, cruel, cold-hearted woman who only uses the Chickens to get money, which she and her husband are very low on. She is always looking for a chance to bully Mr. Tweedy and the chickens, and despite her evilness, she does show cleverness at times-she is the one who comes up with the idea of buying a Pie Machine to use to make more profit from the Chickens. She can also show impatience with her husband, shown when she is contemplating buying the Pie Machine, and when the Pie Machine is broken. It is also hinted that her and her husband disagree on many things-when Mr. Tweedy is attacked by the chickens he calls to her "The chickens are revolting!" and she, doing other things at the time, says to herself "Finally, something we agree on." However, she didn't know he meant revolt in the context she was thinking of. She is also shown to be a very tough woman who is possibly happy with the idea of murdering the Chickens-when she is looking at Edwina at Roll Call she has an evil smile on her face, and we see a face similar to that when Ginger is going into the Pie Machine, and is seen killing Edwina and probably many Chickens before. Mrs. Tweedy wears a maroonish dress with an upright collar, a black brooch at the throat and black muck boots, she rolls the sleeves up at her elbow. Mrs. Tweedy had long, dark brunette hair pulled back into a tight bun at the top of her head, she has blue eyes and blue eyeshadow. Mrs. Tweedy is one of DreamWorks' most cruel and humourless villains.