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Nick is a tertiary character in Chicken Run.


While a meeting was happening at hut seventeen in Tweedy's Farm, Nick, along with his partner, Fetcher came to sell items to Ginger, however, the items were not the ones Ginger was looking for and she showed Nick a piece of paper with all tools they would require. As this was bigger than the other things, Nick and Fetcher demanded a higher pay, which was an egg instead of the usual chicken feed. Ginger explained that their eggs were too valuable which made Nick and Fetcher leave the farm. Sometime after Rocky landed into the farm, he made a deal with Nick and Fetcher, and promised them an egg in exchange for a thrust band. However, roosters do not lay eggs, only hens do. Rocky also asked them for a radio player. After Rocky left the farm, Ginger and the other chickens created a plan to build a crate. Nick and Fetcher helped them get the tools and materials required for it in exchange for some eggs. They later managed to escape the farm with all the chickens and moved to the Chikin Sanctuary, which they call paradise.





  • Nick is named after one of the directors of Chicken Run; Nick Park.