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Pathé is a French-British-American film company that produces and distributes films. The company was founded in on 28 September, 1896, by Jérôme Seydoux and was originally run by the Pathé Brothers of France.


In the early 1900s, Pathé became the world's largest film equipment and production company, as well as a major producer of records. In 1908, Pathé invented the newsreel that was shown in cinemas prior to a feature film.

Today, Pathé is a major film production and distribution company, owns a great number of cinema chains, across Europe but mainly in France, including sixty-six percent of the Les Cinémas Gaumont Pathé a joint venture between Pathé and the Gaumont Film Company, and several television networks across Europe. It is the second oldest still-operating film company in the world, predating Universal Studios and Paramount Pictures, second only to the French Gaumont Film Company studio.

Pathé and Aardman Animations

In 1996, Aardman Animations partnered with Pathé with the latter agreeing to co-finance Chicken Run, which was released in 2000. Pathé put their company's finances into Script Development and Model Design.

Pathé distributed the film, Chicken Run within Europe to countries such as the United Kingdom, while DreamWorks Pictures distributed the film outside Europe to countries such as the United States and Australia.

Aardman Animations will reunite with Pathé for the distributing of Chicken Run 2.